Russell H. Ragsdale


Your Higher Consciousness

The phrase “higher consciousness” is just packed with interesting connotations.  I just have to ask on what level is your consciousness right now?  I bet it is something you don’t even think about usually. 

I realized this morning that people so often operate on a very basic level and miss so many good chances for feeling well and happy.  Psychologists understand that people filter out much of the sensory information they aren’t interested in paying attention to so they can concentrate on what they feel most important.  This is mostly done on the unconscious level but it can be done consciously if we wish.  And that is the really good news! 

Let me explain what I mean.  For example, when you have a migraine, you will pay attention to it rather exclusively until it is treated successfully and passes.  If, however, you just have a dull ache in your head which isn’t even really painful, a lot of times people give it similar attention as if it were something more serious.  They don’t even think about the fact that it isn’t bad and doesn’t need to become the focus of their consciousness.   

Have you ever experienced having a mild headache and suddenly a friend comes over and you start having a lot of fun together?  In a circumstance like that the focus of your consciousness changes and, if somebody asks you later how is your head, you will suddenly realize that you forgot completely about your headache.   

It wasn’t really that important and you only focused on it because it perhaps was a habit to do so and anyway you really didn’t have something else that was claiming your attention.  It amazes me that people often allow something unpleasant to become the focus of their attention when they really have some other more pleasant choices. 

Your consciousness is where you live and you can often choose a more pleasant place by simply being conscious about on what you would prefer to focus your attention.  A “higher consciousness” is one in which you are contemplative rather than being merely habitual so enjoy a higher consciousness today!